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GlobalSign has been securing identities, websites and transactions, worldwide, since 1996.
GlobalSign is a WebTrust certified certificate authority that provides publicly trusted X.509 compliant SSL, including the new EV SSL Extended Validation Certificate, S/MIME and code signing certificates for use on all popular platforms including Mobile. GlobalSign was one of the first Certification Authorities and SSL Certificate providers.
GlobalSign has digital certificates for signing Adobe Systems PDF documents with their DocumentSign USB & Hardware Security Module solutions and also Microsoft Office documents and VBA Macros with their Office Security Suite.
As an expert in PKI deployments and digital signature solutions we help organizations of all sizes meet security policy and regulatory requirements. Since 2006 GlobalSign has been part of the prestigious GMO Internet Inc group of companies, and since our re-launch in late 2006 we have quickly established ourselves as the 4th largest provider of SSL Certificates worldwide.  With support and development staff in 6 countries in 3 continents, we are passionate about leading the world in automated Digital Certificates provisioning through innovation and believe in supporting our customers in their local language.