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DigiCert Inc is a privately held, US based X.509 SSL certificate provider. As a trusted third party, DigiCert verifies the authenticity of secure websites on behalf of a web browser for the purpose of preventing online phishing scams.
DigiCert is a United States-based certificate authority located in Lindon, Utah, established in 2003 by Ken Bretschneider, CEO, and is currently the 5th largest public certificate authority in the world with customers such as Facebook and AOL.
As a founding member of the CA/Browser Forum, DigiCert assisted in the development of the Extended Validation Certificate. DigiCert also worked in conjunction with Microsoft to develop and promote the use of subject alternate names in SSL certificates, for use with Microsoft Exchange Server.
DigiCert is the largest public CA that does not issue "domain validated," "low assurance," or "instant" SSL certificates either directly or through a subsidiary brand.
DigiCert provides SSL certificates to tens of thousands of customers in more than 115 countries. Our customers, both large and small, come from a variety of different fields (business, education, government, etc.).