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Global Trust Center

Global Trust Center (GTC) is an international not-for-profit organisation that aims to develop policies to protect the rights and integrity of individual users of digital communications while reaffirming accountability and legal values. It is represented by the Global Trust Center International Council, whose members, from leading academic and policy-forming institutions world-wide, participate pro-bono. To achieve its objectives, the Global Trust Center acts as the:

  • Champion of the user’s rights including property rights;
  • Facilitator for the individual user to transition, seamlessly between the physical world with its multiple jurisdictions and the digital world;
  • Policy making body for the development and implementation of users’ rights in the digital world;
  • Developer and communicator of best practice and guidance on issues of digital identity and trust;
  • Custodian of The Global Trust Center Policy on Enabling Trust in the Digital World [1]

GTC was initiated in 2003, and formally confirmed in 2005.