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Domain Validation
with 4 year term
Full Organization Validation
with 4 year term
Fast Organization Validation
with 4 year term
Unlimited Sub-domains
with 4 year term
More signs of security
with 2 year term
256-bit Encryption Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Issuance Time Minutes † 2-4 business days † 1 business day † 1 business day † 4-5 business days †
Guarantee $10,000 $50,000 $1 million $1 million $1 million
Site Seal (choose from 4 sizes, designs) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
99% Browser Recognition Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Domain Validation (DV) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Organization Validation (OV) - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Validation (EV)
- - - - Yes
Unlimited Sub-Domains - - - Yes -
Green Address Browser Bar - - - - Yes
24/7 Live Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

256-bit Encryption

Encryption is the process of changing data into a form that can be read only by the intended receiver. 256 Bit SSL is referred to as strong SSL security. The 256 Bit Encryption tells users that the size of the encryption key used to encrypt the data being passed between a Web browser and Web server is 256 Bits in size. Because the size of the 256 Bit key is large it is computationally unfeasible to crack and hence is known as strong SSL security.

Issuance Time

Upon receipt of all validation documentation the process varies per SSL Certificate based on the level and amount of activities it takes to verify all information. nsProtect™ Secure Basic is issued in 2-4 business days after verifying/ confirming the legitimacy of the applicant's business. nsProtect™ Secure Advanced is issued in 1 business day after verifying/ confirming the legitimacy of the applicant's business. For this SSL Certificate you are paying more to get the same verification done faster.


Most SSL Certificates offer a guarantee that provides compensation to site visitors if a security breach occurs. These guarantees give more assurance to visitors.

Site Seal or SSL Certificate Seals

This is one of three visual signs of security that comes with all of Network Solutions SSL Certificates. Each type of SSL Certificate comes with four (4) options of seals that can be placed on your website to show customers that your website is secure and that Network Solutions is your SSL Certificate provider. Once a site seal is installed into your website it is clickable so that customers may view your SSL Certificate information which verifies even more that your site is secure and can be trusted to transact personal information on.

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Browser Recognition

Web browser compatibility ensures your security certificates work with most browsers, including the most popular.

Domain Validation

This certificate is issued only after verifying/ confirming the registrant or person who registered the domain name and no other information will be verified.

Full Organization Validation

These certificates are issued only after verifying/ confirming the legitimacy of the applicant's business in full.

Extended Validation (EV) Certificates

EV Certificates provide a higher level of validation and are available to all business and government entities, but are not available to individuals. The EV process is more rigorous and detailed than for any other Certificate and will require additional steps, which may include obtaining signatures from several people within the applying company, legal verification of the business's existence, etc. EV Certificates provide additional visual assurance by turning your browser address bar green (when using modern browsers like IE7).

Unlimited Sub-Domains

These certificates are available for situations were multiple secure sites are needed. Each website is handled as a separate site but is secured with the same SSL Certificate.

Green Address Browser Bar

This is one visual sign of security that your customers look for to confirm that your website is secure. This visual sign of security only comes with Extended Validated (EV) Certificates because of the level of validation or confirmation that goes into issuing an EV Certificate. Differentiate your site from the competition and have an extra visual assurance for customers that your site is safe and credible  by turning your address browser bar 'Green'.
Network Solutions Green Address Browser Bar, Green Address Browser Bar

24/7 Live Support

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