True BusinessID

Business-class SSL—only better. When it comes to selecting SSL security for your business, you have a lot of choices. With GeoTrust, the decision is easy. GeoTrust® True BusinessID SSL certificates let your customers know that your site is trustworthy and that you take their security seriously enough to get your SSL from a security company. For an affordable price, our friendly security experts will make getting your certificates fast and convenient.

We give you more than just encryption. With True BusinessID, you get business identity validation, universal browser support (more than 99%), and fast issuance. You can also use your certificate on an unlimited number of servers and you get free reissues. GeoTrust SSL is a cost-effective way to secure multiple domains, IP addresses, sub-domains, unified communications (UC) and office communication server (OCS) environments with one certificate. With GeoTrust, your certificate goes further.

No time to manage SSL? No need to worry. We want to save you time and effort so we’ve made it quick and convenient to manage your certificates with our GeoTrust End User Portal.

We’re always here to help. Trust isn’t just part of our name—it’s in everything we do, including the support we provide to our customers. Online security is our core focus, so if you have a question, you get help from security experts, not internet generalists.

Is True BusinessID right for you? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to get True BusinessID for your business:
• Do you need to assure your customers that your web site is legitimate and secure?
• Do you need to protect confidential customer information or transactions on your web site?
• Do you want high-security SSL with universal browser support?

Features of GeoTrust True BusinessID
• Security: Strong 256-bit encryption; 2048-bit root
• Authentication: Business/organization validated
• Convenience: Issued within 1-2 business days
• Universality: Support for more than 99% of browsers and most mobile device browsers
• Reissue Period: Unlimited, free reissues for lifetime of certificate
• Servers per certificate: Unlimited
• SAN/Multi-Domain SSL Option: Single certificate secures multiple domains, IPs, and subdomains
• Management: Intuitive certificate management portal
• Assurance: $100,000 warranty
• Validity options: 1 to 5 years
• GeoTrust True Site Seal
• Multiplicity: SAN/multi-domain/UCC/wildcard options available
• Bonus: Secure for free when you order

Why GeoTrust? The internet’s 1 million most-visited domains rely on GeoTrust SSL more than any other certificate authority.* GeoTrust is the largest low-cost SSL brand solely focused on security. With GeoTrust, you get inexpensive SSL without sacrificing convenience, choice or reliability. We’re a trusted security partner with a proven track record for reliability, quality and convenience.

Key Benefits
• Save time and money with cost-effective, easy and convenient SSL
• Show customers you care about their security by getting your SSL from a security company
• Protect your customers by using a reliable, high-security business identity validated SSL certificate
• Unlimited licenses give you maximum flexibility to install the same certificate on as many servers as you need with the same common name.

Need to Create Even More Trust in Your Online Business?
Get GeoTrust® True BusinessID with EV
Premium Extended Validation (EV) SSL says loud and clear that your site is safe. Inspire more confidence in your customers when their browser displays the green address bar that comes with GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV.

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