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Launched in 2006, offers online football simulation games to sports fans around the globe. With the company’s unique SimEngine, users can build, manage, and coach teams based on players from across the National Football League. The site’s interactive features allow users to create and join leagues, trade players, and even acquire rookie talent in a real-time simulated draft. In addition to online game play, provides Super Bowl predictions to major news outlets like USA Today. Over the past 23 years, the company’s SimEngine has racked up an impressive 16-7 record for winning predictions.

Challenge: Protect Player Data and Demonstrate that Site is Legitimate
Baseball may still be called America’s pastime, but football has become the nation’s most popular sport. For many fans, the frenzy over football peaks during the Super Bowl, the most anticipated game of the season. As the Founder and President of, Steve Olson gets a front-row seat to that excitement. “During the Super Bowl, I think football fans get even more passionate and want to try to manage and coach a team, even if it’s virtual,” he says. “It’s definitely one of our busiest times of the year.”

Even though experiences a surge of players during Super Bowl season, Olson must secure the site—and protect its users’ private financial data—year round. “People can sign up and play for free, but we also offer a Salary League where users can buy points they can use to bid for free agents and build their teams,” he says. “To help users feel safe enough to make purchases at our site, we had to convince them that their credit card transactions would be secure.”

As Olson points out, he also wanted to assure all of the site’s members that, and the company behind it, is legitimate. “There are a lot of questionable gaming sites out there, so we had to prove to users that we’re not some fly-by-night company that would take their money and run.” To accomplish these goals, Olson and his team knew they needed to find a credible and respected SSL provider.

Solution: Reliable, Hassle-Free Security from a Leading SSL Provider
When the team began considering its options for SSL security, it quickly turned to GeoTrust® True BusinessID certificates based on several expert recommendations. “Our developer and our hosting provider both suggested we use GeoTrust, so it seemed like a great choice and a great value,” says Olson. “GeoTrust gives us reliable, cost-effective SSL protection backed by a provider that’s well-known for web site security.”

Olson also appreciates the fact that GeoTrust offers an easy renewal process, a convenience that has become even more valuable as has grown. “We have a relatively small staff and managing a web site like ours is a lot of work, so we never run out of things to do,” he says. “With GeoTrust, renewing and managing our SSL security is simple. That means we can focus on delivering great games instead of worrying about the safety of our site.”

Results: Building Confidence with a Solid Defense Against Phishing
By using SSL certificates from GeoTrust, has been able to reassure users that their sensitive personal and financial data is protected, boosting confidence in its web site and helping users feel comfortable enough to make online purchases. According to Olson, this level of trust is critical, especially given the threat of phishing. “There are a lot of fake gaming sites set up just to steal players’ information,” he says. “With GeoTrust SSL, we can show users that we’re a real company that cares about their online safety. It helps set us apart from our competition and puts us a step ahead of a lot of gaming sites on the web.”

Future: Expanding the Site by Tackling More Game Development
Looking forward, Olson and his team at plan on expanding the site by developing new games and increasing the company’s marketing efforts. As the site grows, Olson will continue to rely on GeoTrust for SSL security. “We’re going to add more simulations and features that will make game play even better than it is now,” he says. “The site is definitely going to expand, and we know that sticking with GeoTrust will be a win for us and our users.”

About GeoTrust
The internet’s one million most-visited domains rely on GeoTrust SSL more than any other certificate authority.* GeoTrust is the largest low-cost SSL brand solely focused on security. With GeoTrust, you get inexpensive SSL without sacrificing convenience, choice, or reliability. We’re a trusted security partner with a proven track record for reliability, quality and convenience.

Solution Summary:
Phishing is a growing threat to online gaming sites, so finding a credible SSL provider was a top priority for the team at After implementing GeoTrust SSL certificates, the company has been able to protect users’ sensitive personal and financial information, boosting confidence in the site and helping to demonstrate that is a legitimate site that can be trusted.

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Key Challenges:

• Protect online credit card transactions and secure user information
• Show users that business is legitimate and trustworthy
• Set company apart from other gaming sites that have questionable security

• GeoTrust® True BusinessID

• Increased confidence in web site, helping users feel comfortable enough to make online purchases
• Reassured users that company is an established, legitimate business
• Differentiated gaming site from competitors by using SSL security from a credible provider

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“There are a lot of fake gaming sites set up just to steal players’ information. With GeoTrust SSL, we can show users that we’re a real company that cares about their online safety. It helps set us apart from our competition and puts us a step ahead of a lot of gaming sites on the web.”
—Steve Olson, Founder and President,