E-Commerce Websites Experience Dramatic Sales Increases After Implementing GeoTrust® SSL Certificates

Founded in 1997, neoverve is a specialized e-commerce services provider that offers custom web design, web development, search engine marketing and optimization, and systems integration to small and medium online businesses. In addition to providing e-commerce expertise, what sets neoverve apart from its competitors is its focus on building strong relationships with its clients by offering superior technology solutions and high-quality customer service.

Challenge: Establish Trust to Help Clients Succeed
With almost 15 years of web design and development experience, the expert team at neoverve understands that online security is a key component of any successful e-commerce website. “Selling online is all about building trust with shoppers,” says Kurt Davey, neoverve’s founder and CEO. “A professionally designed site goes a long way to instill trust, but shoppers also need to know that their credit card information and other sensitive data is protected before they’re ready to make a purchase.”

In order to enable its clients to secure their online transactions, neoverve wanted to offer SSL certificates that were not only cost-effective, but were also easy to manage for the neoverve staff and the company’s customers alike. “Many of our clients are small to medium sized businesses that have much bigger things to worry about than their SSL Certificate,” says Davey. “Our clients depend on us to give them all of the tools they need to help their business thrive online, so finding an affordable, no-hassle SSL Certificate solution was very important to us.”

Solution: Easy-to-Manage Security that Outperforms the Competition
When neoverve first began offering SSL Certificates more than 10 years ago, Davey selected a different provider to secure transactions on client websites, but soon discovered that GeoTrust offered better name recognition at a better price. “GeoTrust simply outperformed our other SSL Certificate provider,” he says. “More people recognized the GeoTrust name, which was extremely important to our merchants, and we found that the solution offered the best combination of awareness, trust, and value. It was just the perfect fit for us.”

GeoTrust also offers quick and easy authentication and installation, allowing neoverve to acquire and issue new SSL Certificates in minutes, not hours or days. “We highly recommend GeoTrust SSL Certificates to all of our clients. In fact, every new store we create comes with a GeoTrust certificate,” says Davey. “With GeoTrust, obtaining SSL Certificates is incredibly fast, so our clients are able to start selling more rapidly.”

Results: Improving Sales at E-Commerce Websites, Almost Overnight
Since neoverve began offering GeoTrust SSL Certificates, the firm’s clients have been able to secure web-based transactions and establish trust with their customers, helping many clients improve sales dramatically. “The moment we install GeoTrust SSL Certificates and place the trust seal on our merchants’ sites, they see remarkable sales increases,” Davey says.

Davey has many examples to choose from, but points to one client in particular to illustrate these successes. “One of our merchants sells specialty salts and spices and other gourmet foods. When they came to us, their site was not performing very well, so we relaunched their site with a GeoTrust SSL Certificate,” he says. “After the new site launched, the merchant called and told me that they had done more in sales over one weekend than they had done in the previous ninety days.”

Not only does neoverve provide its clients with GeoTrust SSL Certificates, but the firm also uses GeoTrust TrueBusiness ID with EV (extended validation) to secure transactions on its own website. “We sell our e-commerce solutions and some related products online in our own store, so obviously we needed to secure those transactions,” says Davey. “We’ve been using GeoTrust SSL Certificates on our site for 10 years, so we can recommend them to our clients with complete confidence.”

By offering SSL Certificates from GeoTrust, neoverve has also been able to enhance its suite of products and services with a highly effective, no-hassle security solution, giving the firm an advantage over its competitors. “Most merchants we deal with aren’t experts in e-commerce. They may have heard of an SSL Certificate, but they have no idea how to get or install one,” Davey says. “Our clients rely on us to guide them through these complex issues, and GeoTrust makes it easy for us to help our merchants succeed. That’s really what it’s all about for us.”

Future: Encouraging Clients to Switch to Extended Validation
Based on the success of neoverve and its clients, Davey will continue to cultivate the firm’s long-standing relationship with GeoTrust. “I see us continuing to be a GeoTrust reseller indefinitely,” he says. The firm is also encouraging its clients to upgrade to GeoTrust SSL Certificates that feature extended validation (EV). “The EV SSL Certificates are fantastic. They allow us to provide our clients with an even more cost-effective protection for their sites, so we’re recommending them more and more,” says Davey. “I look forward to working with GeoTrust to continue helping our clients achieve their goals.”

About GeoTrust
GeoTrust® is a leader in online trust products and the world’s second largest digital certificate provider. More than 300,000 customers in over 150 countries trust GeoTrust to secure online transactions and conduct business over the Internet. Our range of digital certificate and trust products enable organizations of all sizes to maximize the security of their digital transactions cost-effectively.

Solution Summary:
When neoverve creates online stores for its clients, the firm turns to GeoTrust® SSL Certificates to provide cost-effective, easy-to-manage online security that builds customer trust, boosts sales, and allows neoverve to help its clients succeed.

• Web design and e-commerce solutions provider

Key Challenges:
• Provide firm’s clients with a cost-effective, easy-to-manage solution to secure online transactions and build customer trust at e-commerce websites
• Protect clients who purchase services and solutions through firm’s own online store

• Complete Line of GeoTrust® SSL Products

• Enabled clients to realize significant increases in sales
• Utilized for over 10 years to secure web-based transactions at firm’s online store, becoming solution-of-choice for both firm and its clients
• Allowed firm to offer highly effective security solution, enhancing its suite of services and giving the company an edge over competitors

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“GeoTrust simply outperformed our other SSL Certificate provider… More people recognized the GeoTrust name, which was extremely important to our merchants, and we found that the solution offered the best combination of awareness, trust, and value. It was just the perfect fit for us.”
— Kurt Davey,
Founder and CEO, neoverve