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Manage Volume SSL Certificates More Efficiently and Cost-Effectively
GeoTrust® Enterprise SSL makes safeguarding your online transactions with customers, vendors, business partners and remote employees much faster and more efficient. With a convenient, completely automated issuance process, enterprises can purchase digital certificates in bulk and deploy them on demand to realize significant time and cost savings compared to individual SSL certificate purchases. Our powerful yet easy-to-use online management portal gives administrators centralized visibility of and control over all GeoTrust certificates within the enterprise.
As a hosted solution, GeoTrust Enterprise SSL provides the highest levels of network security without the burden and expense of maintaining an in-house Certificate Authority. With a flexible API that supports both the SOAP and HTTP POST methods, GeoTrust Enterprise SSL also integrates seamlessly with existing workflows.

Secure, Instant Issuance for Every Certificate. As a fully managed, automated service, GeoTrust Enterprise SSL lets organizations issue business and domain-authenticated digital certificates instantly. Administrators can request certificates at any time using the flexible self-service options. GeoTrust then automatically verifies the domain and issues the certificate within minutes, accelerating the entire issuance and deployment process. GeoTrust Enterprise SSL also provides free certificate reissuance.

Flexible Volume Pricing Options. With GeoTrust Enterprise SSL, you get discounts for multiple certificates and multi-year certificate purchases. You can buy certificates on a pay-as-you-go basis or large blocks of certificates for deployment across the enterprise. Businesses can also purchase an unlimited number of certificates every year. In fact, when you use GeoTrust Enterprise SSL, the funds in your account can be used to purchase any combination of single year, multi-year, multilicense, or wildcard SSL certificates, giving you the flexibility to meet your changing business needs. GeoTrust also offers early renewal options to help organizations save even more. You can renew up to 90 days before your certificates expire, and GeoTrust will add the remaining days onto your new certificates.

Easy-to-Use Online Management Portal. With GeoTrust Enterprise SSL, administrators receive access to GeoCenter, a convenient, easy-to-use online portal that simplifies certificate management. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, GeoCenter allows administrators to approve or cancel certificate orders and manage every stage in the digital certificate lifecycle. GeoCenter also gives organizations the flexibility to assign local administrators to control certificate distribution and management from a single, centralized portal. In addition, GeoTrust Enterprise SSL provides advanced reporting features that give organizations better visibility into certificate status across the enterprise.

Key Benefits
• Save time and money on volume SSL certificates
• Rapidly respond to new and evolving business requirements
• Help protect your business, customers, and partners from online security threats

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