Migrating to Entrust Managed Services PKI

Your PKI is Costing You Money
Maybe your PKI hardware is getting old and an upgrade is imminent. Maybe there is a backlog of software updates looming. Maybe your PKI administrator left the company and now you are forced to train someone new. Whatever the case, maintaining an effective PKI is going to require an incremental investment.

Pay Less with Entrust’s Hosted PKI
Through economies of scale, Entrust can host your PKI for less than it costs you to maintain your existing platform. 
• By sharing high-end servers and secure facilities across many customers, Entrust can satisfy your high-availability and disaster-recovery requirements at a fraction of what it would cost you to implement these measures yourself. 
• By spreading the salaries of its staff across multiple PKIs, Entrust can provide maintenance and administration functions at a much lower cost-per-PKI than an in-house alternative. Entrust’s well-trained experts can respond to and implement changes faster — and with less potential for error — than in-house staff, translating into further cost savings. 
• Because Entrust handles many audits every year, it benefits from volume discounts which are then passed on to you. Couple this with the time saved when audits are performed by Entrust staff who are well-versed in auditing processes and it becomes clear that Entrust is the smart, cost-effective approach. 
• Simple-to-use Web interfaces enable reduced training costs.

Migration is Easy
From complicated environments to simple deployments, Entrust can migrate your existing PKI to secure, state-of-the-art facilities. Migration, in most cases, is straightforward, especially for systems where only VPN authentication or digital signatures are deployed. 

For more comprehensive systems, you can enlist the help of the Entrust Professional Services team. Their expertise ensures that you are up-and-running with your hosted system quickly, professionally and with minimal disruption to your end-users.

Entrust Managed Services PKI: Advantages
No in-house PKI expertise required
• Lost PKI expertise? Avoid the cost to hire and train a replacement
• Got in-house PKI administrators? Put them to work on other IT projects
• Rest easy knowing your PKI is running smoothly around the clock, 365 days a year, in the hands of trained experts

Issue certificates without expensive, enterprise-wide changes
• Issue certificates to users without modifying their entries in Active Directory
• Avoid the costs of outsourced directory administrators to distribute certificates
• Issue certificates from a simple Web application isolated from your core enterprise

Avoid expensive capital purchases
• Avoid hardware and software purchases that can cost more than $250,000 for a complete system
• Let Entrust handle all high-availability and disaster recovery costs for you
• Protect your CA keys in HSMs provided by Entrust and avoid purchasing your own
• Avoid a large investment in monitoring tools and change control systems
• Take advantage of Entrust’s volume purchases and shared systems

Avoid development costs
• Provision certificates to your own applications quickly and easily using Entrust toolkits and ready-made applications
• Provide certificates to CryptoAPI and non-CryptoAPI applications, including Card Management Systems, VPN clients and more
• Add certificates to non-Windows systems cost-effectively with Entrust solutions

Simplify cross-certifications
• Reduce or eliminate costly, time-consuming and ongoing audits for cross-certification
• Let Entrust set up the cross-certification for you
• Get the benefits of cross-certification, like eliminating alert dialogs asking users outside of your enterprise to trust your certificate when they browse to your Web site

Get external users up-and-running with certificates quickly
• Easy download of the correct certificates from a Web page makes it easy to obtain certificates
• No need to purchase and maintain costly Web servers
• No learning curve or knowledge of public key cryptography required
• Avoid clumsy certificate provisioning methods that involve a lot of tricky steps

Why Entrust?
• Recognized by governments, national defense agencies, finance and industry leaders for unequalled PKI deployment experience
• Deployed in e-governments worldwide
• Cryptographic components are evaluated annually against the FIPS 140 and Common Criteria standards
• Entrust’s CA operations are audited by an external auditor
• Entrust issues certificates trusted by the U.S. Federal Bridge CA

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