Entrust Managed Services PKI

Managed PKI for your Organization

Entrust Managed Services PKI establishes and manages certificate-based security across your organization through a reliable, customizable and flexible public key infrastructure (PKI).

Flexible Integration with Client Applications
Digital certificates from Entrust Managed Services PKI unlock security features built into existing applications, like Microsoft® Office® and Adobe Acrobat®.

Using Entrust’s library of toolkits, you can integrate PKI with your unique security applications, such as smart card management systems or combined building computer access cards. The Entrust Authority suite of toolkits lets you integrate certificates into non-CryptoAPI applications that rely on or use Java, the Java Platform, C, C++, IPsec, TLS and more.

Flexible CA Models

Entrust Managed Services PKI is available in several service models to provide maximum flexibility. In all models, your data and access are consistently and strongly protected.
• Entrust Multi-Tenant CA: Offers dedicated CA partitions, a lower cost and pre-established policies.
• Customer-Branded CA: Certificates are under your control and are branded with your organization’s name. Offers a tailored Certificate Policy (CP) and Certificate Practices Statement (CPS).
• Root CA:With your own root CA, you can establish trust with CAs on or off the Entrust site, including Entrust Public Root. Certificates are branded with your organization’s name.

Entrust offers cross-certified CAs to enable you to leverage extended communities of trust (such as U.S. Federal Bridge or CertiPath).

Industry-Leading PKI On-Demand
For years, security-conscious organizations like yours have turned to Entrust for PKI and the security PKI provides. Entrust makes it easy for you to purchase exactly the PKI you need today — one that easily scales to meet future business requirements. Certificate deployment is fast and easy. Digital certificate renewal is automated to deliver reliable, hands-off security.

Entrust Managed Services PKI provides reliable service with continuous protection for your business.

Housed in established secure facilities, the PKI service features a highly available, fully redundant infrastructure with intelligent monitoring, robust data backup and exceptional disaster recovery.

• Entrust archives all data at a secure, off-site facility
• Entrust is partnered with Savvis — one of the top hosting providers — for secure infrastructure facilities
• Entrust’s CA operations and processes are audited annually by an external auditor
• Entrust is recognized by government, finance and industry leaders around the globe for unequalled PKI deployment experience

Certificate Integration & Management

Special toolkits allow integration with applications not written for Microsoft® Windows® or CryptoAPI.

Entrust provides flexible enrollment and administration options. There is no need to register users in Active Directory, as with a Microsoft CA. You can supply certificates to your own network of trusted users worldwide.

Manage your certificates through a client-less Web application or with Entrust Entelligence Security Provider, an easy-to-deploy desktop client.

Easily supply certificates to your network of trusted users, remote employees, partners and suppliers through a Web interface. This way, they can sign documents and trust each other’s digital signatures.

Why Entrust?

• Deployed in e-governments worldwide
• Cryptographic components are evaluated annually against the FIPS 140 and Common Criteria standards
• Entrust issues certificates trusted by the U.S. Federal Bridge
• Provides cost-savings over in-house equipment and personnel

Core Services

• CA with high-availability and disaster recovery
• Certificate and security management:
- Key generation, storage and recovery
- Certificate generation and distribution, as well as CRL or OCSP validation
- Issuance and management of certificates
• Completely automated certificate update and renewal
• Generation and storage of CA certificate signing keys in a tamper-proof device (HSM)
• Annual audit by external third-party PKI auditor
• FIPS 140-2-compliant tokens for Local Registration Authorities or end-users
• Automated enrollment available when using Entrust Entelligence Security Provider

Managed PKI Benefits
• Reliable service with mission-critical support
• Reduced up-front investment
• Includes maintenance and audit costs
• Built-in certificate management
• Secure, government-grade facilities
• Simple, fast deployment
• Reduced internal IT costs
• Flexible certificate deployment
• Rich policy to manage diverse user communities
• E-mail-signing and encryption
• Secure remote access (VPN)
• Tamper-proof electronic distribution of documents
• Encryption of documents and e-forms

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