Entrust Discovery

Certificate Discovery & Management Solution
Organizations are adding more types of digital certificates — for communication, Web security, hardware authentication and more — to properly secure and protect enterprise environments. 

But as various types of digital certificates are introduced to an organization, it becomes more difficult to track and manage certificates — particularly if they’re issued from different certification authorities. 

Entrust Discovery streamlines this process with a solution that finds, inventories and manages digital certificates across diverse systems to prevent outages, data breach and non-compliance.

Avoid Costly Application Outages
Expiring certificates can be expensive. Entrust Discovery helps organizations avoid costly application outages by inventorying your digital certificates, and providing a redundant system of e-mail notifications to responsible parties.

Notifications made easy. Entrust Discovery provides expiry notification e-mails to certificate owners to ensure they are aware of expiring certificates. And with built-in backup e-mails to owners, as well as system administrators as you get closer to expiry, you can ensure certificates are not expiring unexpectedly.

Protecting Your Organization
Even if you’re an expert at compliance requirements and industry regulations, you may not have the tools or information to ensure your organization is complying properly.

Proving compliance. Your organization most likely has stringent security policies that adhere to internal, industry or federal regulation. But if an organization doesn’t have the tools or information to prove policy is being followed, non-compliance risks will arise. 

Entrust Discovery provides an inventory of encryption assets that helps prove your organization is, in fact, following a given policy.

Data breach defense. Is your organization confident that communication channels are secure? What if your security policy requires a change to increase security (e.g., ensuring all 1024-bit rooted keys are properly upgraded to 2048-bit rooted keys)? Entrust Discovery quickly identifies potential problems and helps the user easily correct any issues. 

The solution helps identify and replace those vulnerable certificates, ensuring you are being properly defended from malicious attacks. And by inventorying your encryption assets, you can ensure that transmission data is not left unencrypted. This helps prevents the exchange of information from being illegally intercepted without your knowledge.

Certificate Inventory
Efficient inventory. By simplifying the certificate discovery and inventory process, you save the management effort of manually inventorying machines and tracking certificate expiries in complex spreadsheets or tables.

Avoid unexpected outages. No matter their type or origin, digital certificates expire. From a missed e-mail notification to a previously undiscovered certificate, it’s not difficult to lose track of certificate expiry dates. And it’s even more challenging to track the use of unknown certificate copies. Entrust Discovery identifies these risks and makes it easy to rectify any issues — all from within an easy-to-use interface.

Making the Discovery 
Entrust Discovery quickly finds and inventories certificates that are exposed to a network service within your environment. Entrust Discovery Agent and Entrust Discovery Manager collaborate to help organizations discover any risks caused by rogue or expiring certificates, and facilitate problem resolution in conjunction with the user.

About Entrust Discovery
Flexible Options. Choose to deploy Entrust Discovery within your own environment (premises model) or take advantage of our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) option (cloud model). Entrust’s subscription models provide the flexibility and security that’s right for any organization.

Enterprise-Ready. Entrust Discovery is easily scalable to meet the needs of large enterprises, and even supports enterprise-level operating systems (e.g., Linux, Microsoft Windows).

Immediate Protection. When powered by our cloud model, Entrust Discovery can be deployed immediately in a secure environment without having to secure project resources, purchase hardware or perform installations.

Single Sign On with CMS. Entrust Discovery’s cloud model is designed for single sign on (SSO) with the Entrust Certificate Management Service (CMS), eliminating the inefficiencies of adding another user management process.

Discovery Benefits
• Find, inventory and manage digital certificates across your organization
• Ensure certificates adhere to corporate compliance policy
• Identify unknown certificates for replacement purposes
• Locate certificates that may allow vulnerabilities to data breach
• Save money and resources with automatic certificate cataloging
• Scales to meet the needs of large organizations and enterprises
• Benefit from flexible subscription options designed for use in any organization

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