Entrust Certificate Management Service

Entrust Certificate Management Service

Manage Multiple SSL Web Server Certificates

With the tremendous growth of e-business, organizations need to secure channels of communication between customers, employees and partners. The first step to protecting this portal is to deploy Secure Sockets Layer-enabled (SSL) certificates

the first line of defense in a strong, layered security strategy — for securing online communications and transactions.

As e-business initiatives spread over intranets, extranets and the Internet, security-conscious organizations may find it challenging to manage multiple certificates over a number of SSL-enabled Web servers. Enterprises must simplify the way they purchase, deploy and manage SSL certificates across the organization to help reduce overall costs and minimize security risks.

Entrust Certificate Management Service

The Entrust Certificate Management Service is a unique subscription-based offering that puts customers in control of SSL certificate usage with centralized control of certificate usage, immediate self-service issuance, and robust reporting and notification tools. To address a variety of security applications and requirements, Entrust Certificate Management Service provides four distinct types of certificates: Standard SSL Certificates, Advantage SSL Certificates, Extended Validation SSL Certificates — commonly known as “EV” certificates — and Unified Communications Certificates, which are ideal for Exchange 2007.

An efficient, consolidated solution, Entrust Certificate Management Service addresses the four key areas impacting the cost and complexity of managing SSL certificates:

  • Acquiring SSL Certificates — selecting the right certificate can significantly impact both initial and ongoing costs
  • Account Administration — allowing SSL certificates to be administered in line with how they are deployed within the organization can significantly simplify internal processes
  • Expiry Management — ability to set certificate expiry dates and expiry notifications to suit project schedules and corporate policies
  • Certificate Management — providing visibility and control over enterprise-wide certificate usage through a simple, efficient interface

Key Service Benefits:

  • Cost-effective certificate recycling capabilities
  • Easy administration with centralized Web-based tools
  • Automated SSL certificate lifecycle management capabilities
  • Immediate certificate issuance and revocation
  • Configurable expiry dates
  • Delegated administration
  • Outsourcer/Web hoster client management tools

Entrust Certificate Management Service

Key Benefits

128/256-bit Security. SSL certificates must enable strong encryption to protect the confidentiality of information traveling over the Internet. This means that the secure session between your browser and server is encrypted with a 128- or 256-bit key, sufficient to prevent information from being intercepted and decoded. Entrust SSL certificates enable up to 256-bit security (where supported by Web servers and Web browsers).

Browser Coverage. SSL certificates should support leading browsers employed by end-users. Entrust SSL certificates support the vast majority of browsers in use today — encompassing more than 99.6 percent1 of the market.

Trusted Certification Authority. WebTrust is an organization that provides third-party examination of the controls, processes and procedures of certification authorities (CA).

Rapid Issuance and Status. With the Entrust Certificate Management Service, certificate requests are fulfilled quickly, automatically and with online status availability. Any authorized administrator or sub-administrator can request and receive a certificate immediately. Entrust was first to display the WebTrust seal in 2001 and has successfully passed audits every year since.

Rapid Revocation. Occasionally, SSL certificates must be revoked in order to prevent the organization from undergoing a variety of threats, including fraud or damage to their brand. Entrust provides a self-service interface to enable you to revoke certificates and download the latest certificate revocation lists (CRL).

Easy Administration. Enroll once and request multiple SSL certificates from one intuitive, Web-based system without any software downloads or installations.

Certificate Recycling. The Entrust Certificate Management Service enables you to pre-purchase a number of certificates and "pool" or group them into a re-useable and re-issuable inventory. While Entrust and a small number of

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other vendors offer a 30-day, re-issuance option on certificate products, the Entrust Certificate Management Service goes further and allows re-issuance at any point in the subscription period — maximizing the usage of every certificate and keeping costs predictable and in control.

Delegated Administration. The Entrust Certificate Management Service provides the capability to delegate administration of the SSL certificates by enabling subordinate levels of administrators. The principle administrator or super-administrator can centrally manage and track SSL certificate activity for themselves, and for any established sub-administrators.

Audit and Reporting Tools. You need to have access to detailed records that capture each administrative action, as well as a consolidated record of SSL certificate deployment and status. Entrust certificates provide a comprehensive log history and detailed information on event activity.

Configurable Expiry Dates. Rather than have certificates expire all at once, or in a haphazard manner, this service allows you to choose certificate expiry dates to plan renewal activities around resource availability, peak loads and budgetary periods.

Web Hoster/Outsourcer Support. In addition to supporting complex corporate structures like multinationals and subsidiaries, the Entrust Certificate Management Service also seamlessly addresses the needs of organizations that manage Web servers on behalf of external clients:

  • Client Management — Manage your customers' accounts and their domain name list from one central view. You can add new customers, view, edit (add or remove domains) or deactivate existing customers accounts.
  • On-Demand Services — Manage your customers' accounts quickly and efficiently with enhanced self-service capabilities. All processes are fully automated and enable you and other administrators to request new services such as additional certificates, domains and organizational names online.